The startup rolls out a scheme to hire experienced candidates wanting to join after a break.

The HR manager is concerned about the increase in cost. He opines they can hire freshers at lower salaries and train them.

“We are in D2C (Direct to Customer) business where people experience matters,” says the COO. “Fresh grape juice and red wine have the same health benefits, but the lure of the latter is unmatched.”

“Those who are used to structured functioning in corporates take time to learn our ways,” the operations manager protests.

“Have you ever tasted a wine cocktail?”

Silence prevails.

23 thoughts on “Matured

  1. Such is the business challenge current day. How to combine both the “freshers” and those with experience to maximize success. Like the recipe for a good wine cocktail (which I’ve never had, btw!) it’s about the ratio of the mix (so I’m told, lol).

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