Can exuberant personalities pale into insignificance on hearing a few words? I felt my sister shrinking in size as she struggled to assimilate what she had just learnt.

“Is that true, Ronit!?”

The executor of the will had just informed her that she inherits the vacation home in Goa along with the personal belongings of Mrs. Gomes. There was a letter in a sealed envelope which said she was adopted, but always loved more than her foster-brother.

“I just remember being told that you were an express delivery by the stork,” Ronit is happy to see her smile returning.

18 thoughts on “Delivery

  1. Fun Six*

    *and the cool thing about this bloghop (in particular) and the virtual world (in general) is that I was prompted** to discover what I could about Goa… thank goddess that we have wikipedia and other elements of the internet…
    I now have yet one more place in the world that, should the occasion arise and I write something that involves the far-side of the world, I can use Gao courtesy google earth

    **not really a pun but…

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