The storyline of some movies I saw in childhood centred around village fairs – lost and found themes, kidnapping, poverty and exploitation. 

I see a new tribe of village women here, all made up and wearing red lipstick selling sugarcane juice. It is a marvel how the local mindset has changed from keeping women well-covered inside the house to having them here.

India is changing in the deep hinterlands. I hope they lose archaic patriarchal mindsets and find better reasons to live.

I hope the women find reasons to work and prosper beyond being a show piece to attract attention.


22 thoughts on “A-changing

  1. I’d go so far as to suggest that (to) “…lose archaic patriarchal mindsets and find better reasons to live.” would not so much as require a person to find alternatives and it (the elimination of patriarchy) would allow people to find within different wats to live.

    Good Six

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  2. I fervently hope that more women everywhere have more and better opportunities in their lives. I count my blessings for having – and having the means and ability to take – some very privileged opportunities in my own life.

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  3. Hopefully! I see many women walking away from archaic mindsets and readying themselves for who they want to become. With that said, I believe there will always be those that are satisfied with being a showpiece to attract attention.

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