Living with nature

Living with nature … Sadje

Keep it alive

Man in his arrogance and ignorance thinks that he has the right to overtake all the resources of the planet they live on.

Deforestation and plundering of water resources have brought us to the brink of severe water shortages and drastic climate change. Who are we kidding, the climate change is already here and is having a huge impact on the population worldwide.

It’s time to try to live with nature with all its glory and beauty. Instead of cutting down dozens of trees to construct your palace, build your home around a tree. Let its branches be the beams that support your ceiling. Let the trunk provide support for the stairwell and let the green oxygen-providing leaves grow in your rooms.

The only issue I can see would be that the insects, birds, and small critters that normally inhabit the tree. They may feel resentful at being displaced from…

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