What does Santa want?

Santa appeared on my mobile screen late night. I expressed joy that Xmas has set in early.

“No”, he said, “I won’t come till you content creators give me a revamped look.”

“Would you like to dress differently? Beards have become stylish across the world.”

“It doesn’t matter really. Let red and white change to a more realistic monochrome black and white, or a greige as the world appears to me. Stop painting me with colours of your imagination.

I’m not the angel you make me out to be distributing joy. I just recycle whatever comes in from the world, and you aren’t exactly sending positivity.

I’m not a magician to say Abracadabra, and change the world to whatever you call Heaven. The Earth is a place you created, and you will need to recreate.

Take responsibility. Stop telling children the world changes by keeping a picture under their pillow, or waving a magic wand. The gifts they open will become less beautiful by the day, if you continue to behave the way you do.

You have gifted them different versions of reality, and one of those versions is a faith in me. Maybe they like to see a different version singing and dancing with them – more like the celebrities they watch on their screens. Maybe they want to recreate me. Watch how they do it.

Maybe they need to learn skills which help them cope with life, rather than wait for Santa on Christmas.

Don’t barter your responsibility of shaping the world with an imagined version of Santa. They’ve never seen reindeer. They do not travel on ice sledges. They believe in e-vouchers more than packaged gifts under the tree. 

They may never travel to the North Pole or South Pole, which is my deemed residence, and know that I don’t exist.

But someone from these regions can enlighten them online. And you will be certified as a liar after that – a nincompoop who passed on stories you’d heard rather than understanding their world and rewriting stories. Maybe you are living out an unfulfilled dream through them, and hoping it comes true.

Wake up!

I am up with a start. My dog gives me an understanding look, and fetches my slippers. Time to move on….

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