“I prefer guidelines than diktats, and I take my own decisions,” Harry tosses the booklet on the side table.

“Diktats are needed when your decisions impact other lives. We live in a networked world and can never be totally free.” 

This appears to have hit the target.

“Do you mean to say Siri and Google are not always right, for all at the same time, and for the larger good?”

“No, and values are what you need to get right, before augmented and virtual reality makes you unaware of what’s happening around you, in the real world that you live.”

19 thoughts on “Values

  1. yeah, really… consider that old game of ‘Pass it On’ (one person whispering to the next on done the line; the fun is in how distorted the message becomes after only a few ‘re-tellings’.
    Now, apply this to the world/internet
    two words: Aiiyeee

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