Santa’s Wishlist

Santa’s wishlist ….. by Sadje

Keep it alive

Seems strange, yes it does
That one who brings presents
To people all over the world
Would require a present for himself

But a bit of reciprocation won’t go amiss
Perhaps, he too would want to be rewarded
For being thoughtful and kind to everyone
It will also gladden his big heart to be remembered

But! You ask what could Santa possibly want?
Someone who has everything, what would he desire
Think deeply and the answer is self-evident
Can you guess or do I spell it out?

Santa would love to receive the gift of love
Not for himself but the love we bestow on each other
He would be absolutely chuffed if he could see
That people really, truly love each other
Irrespective of their religion, race color, or culture

And this my dear would be the best gift we can give
To ourselves too!

Written for RXC #…

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