On Entering a Tunnel

On entering a tunnel….by Jasmine Bhatia


A long, narrow and scary passage to pass through,

Entering the tunnel was like Entering a place filled with full of darkness,

Not knowing where and how would the journey be,

But stepping in it was mandatory to grow further,

The beginning of a new venture in life,

The Journey of Taking yourself to the next level,

Always looks risky and filled with challenges,

But if not taken it would throw me to a place where I never want to go,

Time and Situation sometimes demands to take a bold step,

Where Courage needs to be chosen over Fear,

To take little small steps of HOPE,

I then gathered the dose of self belief in me ,

That the darkness of bad and tough times will end soon,

And entered the tunnel slowly by listening to my inner voice,

With fingers crossed I kept on moving further,

Which took me…

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