Closing the tabs

Closing the tabs ….by Aaki

Poetry & life musings

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #209

Buffet unit, new TV , do we have enough money to buy all this at once? Are we being overambitious?

My toddler has been cranky, wonder if he is coming down with yet another infection from his childcare.

We have to start him on swimming lessons soon and plan his second birthday party.

I have a new procedure to do tomorrow at work, damn another suicide in our profession… Sigh why did I chose this career?

With all these thoughts whizzing through my head, I glanced at the clock, its 12pm already!! My Sunday is nearly over. I Still have to do meal preps and washing, weather has been so bad lately too.

Calm down, a voice in my brain resonates, with a flashing red light, brain has gone into overdrive.

I take a deep breath and close my eyes, slowly counting until ten. Sorting my…

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