Tunnel mysteries. #Tankaprose

Tunnel mysteries….by Jude Itakali

Tales Told Different

Shall I pen thoughts I cannot voice
Or shall I dream and let these nightmares haunt?
The open road is a wicked one
Whether black or yellow-bricked, the devils still prowl
The long dark tunnel is a coward’s bane
For many, brave and foolish, have perished within
Yet through that tunnel, my fantasy lies.

Winds of change
Must you always blow-
Fear with hope
Must you always come!
Can’t my soul find rest

Eugi’s weekly #notable

Were I to pen the thoughts I cannot voice
I’d write that outside that tunnel, the story never begins
The fearful will linger, and maybe even thrive
But the wistful scent of dreams, will forever waft from the other side
And while dreams are often sought, nightmares can always find us!

Snail on my window
Born of sea yet dead by salt
How cruel thy fate!
Am I the deer in headlights
To live…

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