The Couch

“This couch is so comfortable…” cooed Anne.

“I’ve seen emotional exhaustion, people tapping energy reserves to survive, people at the end of a tether ready to give up and a few of them getting refuelled to face life again. I bought this couch from the shrink I worked for, and wanted to be on to without paying a fee.”

Anne sat up with a mix of curiosity and fear, “How has it helped you?”

“I hear voices trapped in it from a different world, which were rejected and buried as irrelevant to life. Most of my stories you read emanate from this couch.”


25 thoughts on “The Couch

  1. Intriguing concept, and a good reminder that the stories told on the analyst’s couch may not seem important today, but may be critical in the future. Like humor, it’s all about timing.

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      1. Oh! Wasn’t implying that at all. Just taken with the idea that things spoken and disregarded on the couch don’t disappear, but wait for better timing to do their clarifying and healing work.

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