Life is a journey

you dig, you dream
you wish, you want
you work, you slog
you aspire, you conspire
you overstretch yourself
to fulfil a dream

it gets magnified
it looks within reach
I need to get there
and when you get a chance
you jump at it blind
It’s victory supreme

you float for a while
then check where you are
the oars feel heavy
energy depletes
Are you heading north
or are stuck midstream?

it feels unreal now
been taken for a ride
used for a while
then thrown aside
Is it everyone’s story
or a case extreme?

You start connecting
With fellow travellers
Hear their stories
Find commonalities
Whatever starts has to end 
Life is a journey
Life is a dream…

Prompt lyric

Dancing Queen by ABBA

Line chosen

and when you get a chance

19 thoughts on “Life is a journey

  1. Words that carry weight…and are too close to reality for comfort! Very nice rhythm to this poem, that causes pause for thought.

    Liked by 1 person

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