There are three kittens looking like Kitty, probably her offspring. They look at me with curiosity, but my eyes look for my friend. Hope she recognises me…

It was a deep bond, but not a free one. Reciprocity was the name of the game.

I taught her how to use a laptop and the internet, in return for the sweets she would keep for me. Dad gifted her a phone before I left for college, and we kept in touch for sometime.

Then the communication came to an abrupt halt. She stopped responding to my messages.

I dial her number again, and hear a phone ringing. She’s somewhere around…

A stranger emerges from the house.

“Are you looking for someone?” 

My eyes are riveted on the phone in his hand. It is the same one.

“I came looking for Grandma.”

“Oh, that old lady who lived here? She passed away, and we have taken over the house.”

I turn back with heavy feet and a heavy heart. A chapter has closed.

The kittens are still looking at me with curiosity. I wonder how many generations of cats have lived there since.

I feel like an impostor from a bygone era.


5 thoughts on “Impostor

  1. A poignant story Reena. Losing touch is easy in today’s world, even with advanced communication. It’s a reminder to us to be more there in person for our loved ones. Thanks for joining in

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