Brain brain, come on! There are too many tabs open all at once!

Brain, brain, come on … Carol Anne

Therapy Bits

This is in response to reenas prompt
Reenas Xploration Challenge #209 Reena Saxena (

Hello? Are you listening to me?
I didn’t think so!
Brain, damn brain! What am I gonna do with you!
Coffee? You need coffee? Okaaay!
But wait…coffee is addictive! Did you know that?
Sure you did! You want me to stay up late, get little or no sleep, isnt that right, brain?
Now what? You cause my thoughts to race!
Stop it brain!
I hate racing thoughts! You know how much I hate them!
Is it time to eat? What do I eat? A sandwich, a fruit salad with yogurt?
Can’t make up my mind, brain, you won’t let me decide!
Time to read, what to read, so many books to choose from, my brain cant make its mind up which book sounds best to read at the moment! A christmas book? A true crime…

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