The Tabs of the Mind

Tabs of the Mind …. by Jasmine Bhatia


My brain has too many tabs open,
Each tab has a story to convey,
Not all the tabs however clicked,
Displays the content in it
Some are hidden, Some are Open,
Some are a feeling of a painful wound,
Some are the joyous precious moments,
Some are sorted and some are tangled and complex,
When many tabs open together,
The system of the brain crashes too
And it alarms to restart or shut off the tabs of overthinking,
Which results in no plans and no solutions.

Once it calms and cools off,
By a simple walk, a loved music or a poised meditation,
It has the power to relax, rejoice and chase any dreams or any challenging time.

Now when this is known to me,
My brain has installed an anti virus in it
To flush away all the unwanted tabs and
Only keep the tabs that are constructive,

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