I say thanks to so many people so many times – politeness, protocol, gratitude, or to close a conversation. It is a kind of reflex action. I may choose to convey special thanks in a special manner for a special gesture. It may be a heartfelt message, a token gift or doing something for them in return.

Today, I think on what I should be grateful for in life, which is not related to people. Should I be thankful for things that everyone or most of the people I know have – food, clothing, shelter, intellect, compassion? Should I think about what I have but many people in the world do not have? I’m not sure if they aspire to have what I have or are content with their lot.

The mind also goes to things I want but do not have. Gratitude rituals direct the mind to positive things in life. The law of attraction says one attracts more of whatever one thinks about. So, here I am…

happy to be me
I send my gratitude by
sharing what I have

a rose wilts
leaves a memory
-I felt it

17 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. I appreciated your thoughts on the subject of thankfulness. Somewhere, in one of my poems, I have written “There’s a very great difference in what we want and what we need…and what we call desire to achieve is perilously close to greed”. I think I had that breakthrough when I was in my 40’s or 50’s.


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