The problem with a mask is that sometimes you forget how to take it off. It becomes a second skin and you get comfortable in it. 

The bigger problem is when you look in the mirror and believe it’s your face. Not that having a face really matters…..

It’s far more convenient to switch faces, display myriad shades of a versatile self and give expression to all colours of the rainbow, all states of matter and all notes of the piano till it reaches a crescendo – so colourless, so soundless, so faceless that they can’t make sense of it.

Their eyes are trained to look at specifics, to link people to faces and memorise identities, to plan action on assumptions that the specifics won’t change. R-e-a-l-l-y?

How will they make sense of this amorphous mass – the collective conscious of humanity? It neutralises all assumptions. It destroys all perspectives. It desensitises the spirit.

You’ve come from the dust, and to the dust you’ll go – be it the deep earth or stardust. You’ve emerged from the depth of the ocean, and it will swallow you back. The wind dropped you here, and will take you away to other destinations. You are purified by fire, but the leaping tongues can pull you back.

The only truth in the universe is formless, soundless, non-tactile ether. It houses the planets and all that they carry. It’s emptiness gives you a feeling of being full and relevant. It’s  silence creates awareness of your voice. Its dryness confuses you – is it stronger the oceans or a mirage?

The backdrop gives you visibility, but it’s only hallucination. You live in augmented reality and call it life. You breathe in virtual reality, create subsets of it, in the belief that your reality is real and the rest is invention.

Wake up!


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