A neutral third party can perhaps tell – she has changed too with his mental illness.

The trepidation, the fear, the lines of defence are built though she has done nothing wrong. She hears sounds of an impending storm, sees thunder in distant lights and awaits doom, which is welcome but ….

Armour is built in factories for the army. Regular people wear it every day. They’ve developed this second skin depending on the kind of attacks they face – every day, every moment, in between two breaths and two mental states.

12 thoughts on “Schizophrenia

  1. Being able to come to an understanding of what others hear and see in their minds and knowing how to help can be a daily struggle for many. . .not only the ones experiencing mental illness but for the family and associates trying to understand and be supportive in the ways that are most beneficial for all concerned. Thought provoking SSS.

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