Role Models in your Head

Empowered Women


This idiom hurt when I read it first. I was one of the young, naive thinkers who believed that all I do, write and think is my original brainwave.

The quote was kind of forgotten, but the wisdom returned in small doses, as I watched people around me grow old.

They appear to be unrecognisable compared to their previous self. And yet, I see familiar shades in their behaviour, their conversations.

My maternal grandmother died young at 32, so my Mom did not see her growing old. I see her talk and behave like her mother-in-law, my paternal grandmother. This is not genetic. It’s acquired behaviour, which she thinks is appropriate for an old woman of her age.

Negative role models

These are the people we don’t like and swear never to do what they did.

It applies to many bosses I’ve had. There was a conscious effort in…

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