There are times I take a stand on something. Others don’t agree. There’s a ferocious backlash, but I’m okay with it. I believe in whatever I’ve said.

There are times I don’t come up to expectations of others, and they react. I’m fine with it, as I don’t live to meet others’ expectations.

Then, comes a barrage of false accusations and uncontrolled vitriol. I don’t know what I’ve done to attract that.

Probably, something shifted inside the other person, and they hallucinate about me being antagonistic. Maybe they are letting go of suppressed fears or concealed hatred. Maybe I represent something that creates discomfort for them -unfulfilled ambitions or wishes.

I’m bombarded, yet I stand. The venom moves through my nervous system invoking hitherto unknown pain.

I choose to move on – with the pain, and without their baggage. They need to deal with it.

The prompt line at dVerse Prosery hosted by Merril today is

“I am bombarded yet I stand.”
From Adrienne Rich, “Planetarium”

21 thoughts on “Bombarded

  1. I love the flow and direction of this piece. The prompt moved many of us into similar word-scapes, and it is grand that many of our poems end on a positive note.

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