Door of whispers #shortstories #poetry

Doors of whispers …… by Jude Itakali

tales told different

For a more emersive experience, I recommend you read the prequel here; The Big House

Door of whispers

Most doors are bolted for good reason
And yet it is these doors that call the loudest!
To a soul that yearns for discovery, curiosity becomes intoxicating.
The deliciousness of the unknown;
The risk that it may seduce an exciting blessing,
Or else summon a dreaded curse

There were many signs for Jean to let that door be;
its honeyed rotting smell,
the peeling scabbed boards,
and those horrid scrapes that groaned on the very edge of intuition.
Yet all this was not enough to stop her
For Jean had a wonderful habit of breaking barriers
And a thirst for discovering the pleasures that often lay beyond conformity
A habit that meant there was no door she wouldn’t open!

Like Jean’s aunt Lisa used to say; Ignoring is far worse than ignorance…

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