“I’m on a mission for the remaining part of my life – decluttering …. everything that does not give good vibes will go – junk, impulse shopping, toxic relationships, jaded mindsets.”

“Where will you keep all that you love – things that add value to life?”

“Decluttering creates space for the new.”

“Who’s talking about new? Find what lives inside you, fires you and restores your faith in positivity. Find the light to drive away darkness and show clutter in a new perspective – it helped you at a particular point in life, and will find its own place in the new order amidst chaos.”


23 thoughts on “Decluttering

  1. Decluttering is so freeing. I am almost done, with just three closets left to sort through. It has at times been difficult, but so worth the effort. I sometimes laugh at what I have been keeping over the years. Even without the things I thought so important, the memories remain.

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