Creativity blocks

“The truck ran over you….”

“I’m still alive.”

“There’s a magic wand somewhere around you. There’s someone who listens and protects you.”

“Are you talking about a previous lifetime?”

“I don’t think it makes sense. Dismantle the blocks and put them together all over again.”

“I will never complete this novel. This is the fourth attempt.”

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27 thoughts on “Creativity blocks

  1. I enjoyed NaNaWriMo back in the days when I did it; certainly helps get over writers’ blocks, but I need to be more disciplined about editing if any of them are going to be worthy of a bookshelf!

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      1. I had one book on one of the reading sites for a year, it saw no readers. I won’t most likely get most of what I have published, online they’re invisible. It’s not worth breaking my hands writing more books.

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          1. What we need is for free books to be made illegal. Then agents, publishers and promotors to be forced to work for a percentage of sales. That way people like myself who have little money would have the same chance as the rich people who alway have bestsellers.

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  2. I hear ya! Write, rewrite, repeat! IT’s a vicious circle. I’m doing well on Nano so far. Being stuck in bed is actually helping. Not much I can do besides read, write, and sleep.

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