Reena’s Xploration Challenge #205- GHOSTS

Ghosts …. by Indira

Sharing Thoughts

Do I Believe In Ghosts?

I believe in ghosts.

No. Not the dead person’s ghost but one who lives among us living a ghost’s life.

I have noticed their presence in society.

As far as politicians are concerned,  their miseries,  poverty,  pain, and their plight, everything is invisible till the elections come.

They live like ghosts. No one bothers about them till they are needed by vested interests.

Then I have seen some ghosts, in homes, society, parties where no one notices them, no one hears what they have to say till their services. are needed.


Do ghosts, witches,  demons, angels

Spirits really exist

Or are they are imaginary,

a figment of your mind

Your faith is their strength

The reason for their existence

If you believe

They are everywhere

If you don’t

They are nowhere

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