Evolutionary journeys

It is like getting to know them all over again, when they visit in the holidays – the long phone calls and FaceTime chats notwithstanding.

Reality strikes hard. It’s not enough to know what they are eating or wearing. I don’t know what goes through their minds in the interim phase, and what journeys they are on to reach a different place.

They are adults with a life story of their own. Lego blocks do not a life make, and chocolate is nor the only sweetness in life.

The candy kitchen alone won’t suffice – my kids have grown up now.

12 thoughts on “Evolutionary journeys

  1. I feel this too, Reena. They grow and live their own lives, which is only what you want for them. But it does leave a hole that can’t be filled by occasional visits and online chats.

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  2. I feel inklings of what your narrator is going through. The kids are back to school now, and it’s not enough to see the classroom pictures and hear their occasional stories. What’s life like for them? Am I doing enough? Do they know they’re loved?

    I counter these questions rationally and don’t let the negativity drag away the love, but you’ve captured the heartache beautifully Reena. I wonder what it’ll feel like once they’re grown. I imagine it won’t be much different than this.

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    1. Agree. A senior actress who lost her husband recently and lives alone told her children, “Live in my heart, not on my head”. I guess parents should value their own lifestyles (which are different from that of the kids) too.

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