Fiery Skies


moonlight picnics
on the beach
cosy chats by fireside

an oath before you kiss
a ring before you commit
ready for firecrackers…

provocations - a way of life
verbal duels welcome
-you loves fireballs

sneaky lies here and there
struggle to find your space
-you work at fireproofing

watch the stars alone at night
think of all that’s not right
-you spend life firefighting


walking along the beach
I long for stars beneath my feet
find starfish

I chase wealth, fame
want the moon on my face
with sprinkled stardust

I want a goddess
to illuminate life
not just a starlet

One step ahead, two backwards
I struggle to find my way
Fascinated by stardom

I want to accept defeat
return home…then think
skies are dark, but  star-spangled

6 thoughts on “Fiery Skies

  1. Two nicely contrasting poems, Reena! It’s hard to think we spend our lives firefighting, but sometimes it seems that way. So long as we still take the time to look up into the star-spangled skies!

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