Do you have a filter?

Do you have a filter?..
By Sadje

Keep it alive

Kids are naive, there is no filter on either their words or thoughts. But as they grow up, they are taught to put filters on their words. They may think things but they should not say what ever is on their minds.

We program our children like we were programmed. Think before you speak is one of the advice frequently given to us and then given by us to the young ones.

Is it right though?

Are we teaching hypocrisy to our kids? We may not like someone but we have to keep our feelings hidden to not offend them. If we blurt out the truth by mistake, we end up in hot water.

Growing up changes us. We lose the naivety and innocence of our childhood and learn tact. We learn to be diplomatic and filter our words before uttering them. We learn that being polite is more important…

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