Mom speaking in an event – “Alphabets becomes words and then emotions, pigments become vibrancy of art. Threads convert yarn to apparel, and innate personality traits become grace.”

Son’s silent response – “Yeah, personality … do you see splinters of your barbed comments piercing my psyche?”

Mom’s speech continues, “Treatment of the raw material matters, but at times one wants a finished piece and that is where we come in the picture. We classify customers into personality types and provide customized apparel to lend instant grace.” 

Son’s silent response – “Wish you had adopted a grown-up child, instead of nurturing autism in a way your philosophy does not support.”

12 thoughts on “Contradiction

  1. I was struck by Mom’s comment that alphabets become words and then emotions. Perhaps she meant to say words that mean a particular emotion. The actual emotions usually are there long before any knowledge of the alphabet and words.
    Having the autistic boy have silent responses is perfect in this SSS.
    Well done, Reena.

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    1. You are right – words that mean a particular emotion or induce a certain emotion. The mind remembers images (say the shape of alphabet A). Words are only used to conjure up images.


  2. I really enjoyed the ‘structure’ (or format or whatever the correct term is for) the two voices. There is so much in the (silent) response, especially as a contrast to the rather over-bearing statements of the ‘out-loud’ character.
    Good Six, R

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