The death of celebrities is no less an event than shenanigans during their lifetime.

The eagerness of fans belied pandemic fears, as they thronged to have a last look at the prima donna.

Shock is the only word that moved through the crowds like lightning.

“Its not her, for sure…” uttered one who could hold it no longer.

The fountain of youth lasted only as long as life. Death revealed the face she had carefully and skilfully covered for long.

25 thoughts on “Revelation

  1. The impact disease has on the body is difficult to disguise even with makeup that is sometimes applied by those preparing the body for burial. Perhaps one of the great lessons in life comes with learning to accept the changes that take place in the body as one ages and laying aside vanity. Easier said than done for some. I like your simple and to the point SSS.

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  2. What a shame that some women celebrities feel they have to preserve the myth as along as they can. Age certainly hasn’t wearied the Strolling Bones (even if it has recently caught up with Charlie). Excellent piece, Reena.

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  3. “The fountain of youth lasted only as long as life.

    Denial is the surest of cures for elements of the world that do not support abdicating one’s will and bowing before false idols.

    * total word envy (and highest of compliments)… what a great line!

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