Paths of a dreamer #poetry and prose.

Paths of a dreamer ….by Jude Itakali

tales told different

Soft wondering breeze
Searching barren everglades
Nourishing a dream


Where do you go when you’ve given your all but you know you’re not yet finished?
You go to the next level!

My absence for the last couple of weeks has been due to a mammoth effort; striving to finish the penultimate draft of my upcoming novel. (before it goes to the editors)

It is a task that has become a dream
And a dream that has become a task
When the mind goes numb
But the goal keeps hounding at your soul
You keep pressing those keys
Existing in reality
But living amidst the pages
Oh how you love your characters!
How you adore their world
But how do you go beyond your ability
How do you transcend?

I dip a thought in minds I admire
Turn the pages of those who’ve made worlds beyond comprehension

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