Both sides of the coin


As I walked through the streets…
I see people with contention, resignation, and contempt
I see poverty, the struggles, the tussles
I see pride, anger and foolishness
I see the hurt, and the love
I see the happy, and the sad
I see the hopeful and the grumpy
I see sadness, I see joy
I see the brokenhearted,
I see hope
I see humans survive and animals thrive
I see the ripple effects of the pasts
I see the simplemindedness of the people
I see the greed of the elite
I see the souls of the humble
I see the emptiness of the arrogant
I see the ignorance of the society
I see the exploitations of the enlightened
I see the misdirection of the young
I see the futility in the counsel of the wise
I see the groanings of the old
I see the ease amongst the children

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