Late Interactions

She finally succeeds in getting her mother’s soul behind the mirror.

Twilight is setting in, just as it was …. all those years ago. The haze is almost the same …as it was then. It refuses to clear off, even in broad daylight.

The temperature in the room drops and there’s a stench like that of burning rubber. It’s an indication of paranormal activity in the space.

“Won’t you tell me the secret, Mom? Who was my father? It matters to me.”

“Yes. I’ve travelled all the way to tell you that. But first tell me, why did you commit suicide?”

55 thoughts on “Late Interactions

  1. I’m sitting here wondering what I can say that will express my reaction. Can’t think of a thing. Most words seem trite, flippant, Which, I think, means that you’ve turned out a truly excellent piece of writing.

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  2. Does mother really want to know the answer? Maybe it had something to do with her daughter not knowing who her father was, which meant she was an orphan after mother passed. Family secrets can eat away at people. Good storytelling with texture.

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