Dark Tulips Part2(Finale) poetic #flashfiction

Dark Tulips ….by Jude Itakali

tales told different

I was supposed to post part 2 tomorrow but I may travel deep into the countryside, where network might be non-existent. So just in case, here’s part 2.

Read the first part here- PART 1

Roses for romance!
Evelyn hated roses, but Mills loved them, prickly thorns and all.
Daisies for the house!
These were okay, not her preference; but Mills always got her way.
And then there were the tulips; once Evelyn’s favorites. Dark tulips that now sent shivers down her spine.

The first dark tulip came to her office, a name attached, just one name – Josie!

“Eve, I don’t know what you were thinking, but don’t call me again okay!” Josie texted.

Two days later, she received another dark tulip- Jacob, the name attached, her best friend!
And then another, and another;
Workmate! neighbor, grocer…
One by one the closest people in her world were driven away;

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