People are tardy about returning books. And I’m insistent enough to keep reminding. I can’t let go of books.

Received a pile today from a neighbour who had shifted elsewhere a month ago. He dropped in to say Hi, and return the books with apologies. It’s great to catch up with buddies again. I miss this guy since he left the neighbourhood.

Late night, I make space and  put away the books in the shelf where they belong.

A tablet drops out of a thick book. Not sure if it’s a tab or a super thin screen…..

I switch it on to find a lot of code I can’t decipher.

And then those English words…

Published in 2050

So, this is a book from the future.

The sender needs to teach me the language, or ensure I’m around to read it in 2050.


Drops another message.

Died in 2030

Born in 2035

So, my buddy had given away his destiny. Scared of dying in 2030, huh?

I look forward….

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