Doing our duty

“Chuck out the non-believers” goes the refrain.

The leader who refused to open places of worship to stem a possible Third Wave of Covid is on target.

I see a small postscript below social media messages “Forward to 15 people to escape the wrath of Gods.”

It’s a God-fearing, not God-loving population that gives in to this.

“So if all do their duty, they need not fear harm,” says the top honcho to lend credibility.

Who decides what is your duty? We should be bound to duty, for fulfilment of a contract, stay true to our conscience or just to escape harm?

Religion is such a handy tool – to instil fear, to weaken resistance, to make them pliable and finally make them cogs in a giant wheel with a fancy name like Progress or Development.

Whose progress?

The question remains unanswered.

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