The concept of soul-mate has loosened up over a period of time.

At one stage, it meant recognising the other at first glance, getting along effortlessly and being together for a lifetime.

I guess it got too cumbersome for modern lifestyles, though everybody wants someone to vibe with easily at a mental and emotional level.

So, now we say

  1. The soul mate need not always be a romantic interest.
  1. Soul mates can come for short periods and go. They are destined to serve a purpose at a particular point in time.
  1. You can have more than one soul-mate.

It is interesting to see the evolution as the nature of relationships changed, and got superimposed on the concept.

The common factor is the belief that a soul mate is linked to a previous lifetime. Probably because we can’t comprehend how someone can be so much like us, without a genetic bond.

But they are not compelled to be identical soul twins. It’s just about someone who can blend thoughts, be naturally empathetic and second-guess your thoughts correctly.

I’d love to see how it evolves further.

“I reached the theatre alone, and you had that extra ticket.”

“We logged into the same site at the same time.”

“You and I are listening to the same song at the same time, and thinking about similar things.”


14 thoughts on “Soul-mates

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
    To be honest I don’t know if it was ever “getting along effortlessly”. Being in a couple requires communication and compromise and work sometimes. Back then it was expected that people would spend their entire life together; but life was a lot shorter for the average person right 😜.
    But yes, let’s see how this concept evolves; should be fun.

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