Hopes and fears. A #shadorma tale

Hopes and fears …….. by judeitakali

tales told different


At the end
my journey begins
At sunset
the soul’s path
Hope’s music shelters terror
Bandstand beginnings

The person I see in the mirror is not me.

It hurts that I’ve lived with this stranger for so long

In my bandstand of dreams, the shadows grow long
Who am I, and who must I be?
What do I want, and what wants me most?
The darkness hungers! It pines for my soul! For all hope to fail; and to fill it with despair


Why not now?!
Take me or leave me!
I am tired!
This haunting-
It devours and rots within
Savours my demise

I trudge a world of billions
And yet my journey is lonely
Round each bend there is no end
The road goes on
And evil stalks my every step
A scrape on gravel
A snap of twig
Nightmares closer than dreams


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