My self or not

My self or not …. by Punam


I believed I knew myself
every line mapped, every vein marked
the bumps and the dips, all accounted for
burnished and buffed for the world to see
then you came into my life
the “I” you showed me
is so different
I look into the mirror again
and trace the contours of my face
trying to find what you see in me
your fingertips, as they trail over my soul,
reveal facets unknown
your lingering gaze
unravelling all my resolves
your words peep into my future
showing me a different vista
the person I see in the mirror now is not me,
it hurts that I’ve lived with this stranger for so long
as I stare at mylikeness dispassionately
I see dark corners deftly disguised
the luminosity is also just reflected glory
I now notice a shoddily tied bundle of fake positivity
the inklings of chaos cleverly concealed

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