POWER LAW 3 – Execute the plan perfectly

Empowered Women

A baby is struggling to get on the sofa. A well-meaning parent picks her up and places her on a seat, but not necessarily on the sofa.

You ask the top boss for directions several times, and soon you find yourself reporting to someone in the mid-layer.

Any kind of dilemma, fumbling, indecisiveness puts you in a subordinate position. You have lost the lead.

I wake up with a clear cut action plan for the day, and start executing it. If someone intervenes with a demand, I give them a time slot saying it can be done after I complete this task. If their need is immediate, they manage themselves.

If you don’t do this, you’ll find time and life slipping away in catering to whims and fancies of others. Working from home is difficult, because there is a strong likelihood of your presence being taken for granted.


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