Back to School

It is a school reunion meeting. Wandering in the revamped school premises, I wonder what would be different if I had to do it all over again. 

We depended so much on what was written in books, and whatever teachers said. There was nothing wrong in those times. It had a certain quaintness of innocence, which post-modern childhood lacks. Starting on a blank slate facilitates learning as there is no conflict.

Yet, I wish I had information on push-buttons to cross-verify things. Different opinions confuse, but also expose one to different realms of thought. It increases adaptability and acceptability of contradictory views.

wilted flowers wish

for more colour, fragrance in

bygone bud eras

take me back again

revamped worlds of innocence

to acquire wisdom

38 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. How I wish it could be “take me back again” for today’s school children. it’s such a tumultuous time of home school/virtual school/classroom school, one wonders at the education they’re getting.

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    1. It generates new questions everyday – whether notes should be held in soft or hard copies. Essays have transformed to online speeches. How do parents help in adapting the write-up?

      Interesting, transformational times!


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