तू मुझे भाती है

Tu mujhe Bhati hai (I like you) ….by hecblogger

Playing with words

सोलह सिंगार करके जब तू आती है

सबसे ज्यादा तेरी बिंदी मुझे भाती है

मेरे हाथों में होता है जब चेहरा तेरा

सूरज की सी लालिमा उभर आती है

छा जाती है मन में हरियाली सी

अपने कान में पन्ना जब लटकाती है

हैं कितनी सारी सम्भावनाएँ तुझमें

मेरे लिए तू अपना रूप सजाती है

है नारी तू कोई खिलौना नहीं है

फिर क्यों तू हर बार छली जाती है

In response to: Reena’s Exploration Challenge # 196

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One thought on “तू मुझे भाती है

  1. I took a lot of creative liberty in interpreting the prompt. My interpretation may not be directly evident, but here’s how I saw it

    1) Stanza 1 – I interpreted the left face of the cube to resemble her head… her bindi standing out thru her dark hair.
    2) Stanza 2 – I interpreted the color on the right face of the cube to resemble color of her shyness. Of course the cube is in a hand, as is her face.
    3) Stanza 3 – The lone green cube reminds me of emerald hanging on her earlobe.
    4) Stanza 4 – There are many combinations of a rubik’s cube, but it is this one that I am interpreting- the only one that matters.
    5) Stanza 5 – Of course all this is just a game…. Didn’t quite know where to go with this idea.

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