What’s this unease around people?
Why am I so happy alone?
I often wonder
Who are all these people
What are they doing in my life?

They look so much like strangers
behave like adversaries
I often wonder
What is their problem with me?
What’s the meaning of this strife?

Why do they not understand me?
Why do they feel so threatened?
I often wonder
Why are they so toxic?
Venomous lips, eyes alike

Am I born in the wrong cluster?
I need a release from here
I often wonder
Are they all related to me?
Genes give a miserable life

23 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Omg that can be so hard. I was adopted as a baby and with that there was always a feeling of being an imposter, of faking it. Now I’m living with my inlaws and the same feelings are surfacing

    I can’t imagine what it would be like amongst blood relatives. It’s probably no different! Lol

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