World Pulse, an international feminist initiative received this message from unidentified Afghan women,

“We have lost everything that we created for ourselves in a single shot. Help us by keeping the issue alive. Keep talking about it.”

What do you think can we do from social and physical distances light years away?

What happens when the intent is good and pure, but the rubber does not hit the road.

Wheels rotating in the air might still generate thought energy – to end barbarism once and for all.

Many freedom fighters die before they achieve their goal. Are the efforts in vain?

18 thoughts on “Momentum

      1. A whole generation of women grew up without the Taliban in power. So sad to think what is happening to those women and girls. I hope there is a rebellion of the people against these oppressors!

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    1. You remind me of the starfish story. A boy was throwing the ones washed out on the beach back in water. When reminded of the futility of the task given the huge numbers on the beach, he said “It makes a difference to the one that goes back in water.”


  1. The last sentence says it all, and is the start of real philosophy. Is it, one wonders, a thousand reasons for yes, and nearly as many for no…

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