What if …. you are dependent?

Empowered Women

It’s easy to be a feminist when one is financially independent, and in a social environment conducive to living alone?

What happens in the societies where unmarried girls stay with parents, or a dependent wife stays in her marital home AND faces mental abuse. They continue to stay there because the world outside may be crueller than that. The abusers provide a roof on the head, and an iota of deemed social respectability.

How long does it take to start earning and move out of the house?

Is it always advisable for a single girl to get married, only to escape her abusive parents?

Is it easy for a married woman to file for divorce with no support outside, and financial interests entangled with the abusive husband or in-laws?

The abuse that children grow up watching makes them think it’s normal, and the patterns spill over into their personal lives.

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