🗝️Celeste Post-Apocalyptia pt 13 ~ Adventure Beyond the Door?🕯️

Adventure beyond the door …..by whatifweallcared

What if We all Cared?

Pulling on the door, Celeste was unable to open it and realized there must be a catch somewhere that she had to release. She felt around the door, her brain in motion, trying to think and feel where the catch/hidden lock might be. 🗝️ There was, after much searching, a very tiny notch in the grain of the wood near the edge of the small door. All she had that was that tiny was an old safety pin and she carefully slid it into the notch. The door popped open a smidge and Celeste gently pulled it wide open, not sure what to expect.

Celeste had been taught by her grandma to be content and so sighed blissfully as she entered the tunnel. She’d always wished she’d had a forever sister. Someone to giggle and share secrets with. Quietly grandma reminded Celeste, “Dear, your parents weren’t meant to have…

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