The challenge is write a polysyndeton which is a complex sentence with conjunctions used instead of commas.

What you read or hear below is a kind of conversation or stage play with each character speaking one complex sentence.

I once expected you to be more like me and understand what I need but I should have been wise enough to know that everything in the world is reciprocal and if we are fundamentally different from each other that is how we are destined to be for aeons to come and expectations to go and a mortal mind to mature into an immortal soul.


It is more soulful than a mouthful and I’m taking my time to absorb the essence of all that you say and do not say and expect me to fill in the gaps which will again change the original intent behind what you say for my thoughts are mine and will fall in the cracks to create a different pattern on the floor on which many more edifices of thought are yet to be built.


All I can decipher with my limited intelligence is that the world is not what it was intended to be because of different perspectives and perceptions falling in the cracks which should not have been there if the intent was perfection making it obvious that the Creator did not complete the work he started but left it to evolve on its own and evolution is an unending process.


Why do we then complain if we are ephemeral blocks of ether to give a transient shape to an evolving world and will depart and then come back to see the new on old foundations which should incessantly fascinate us with its transformational magic and teach us that the secret of existence lies in mutation and renewal just like the microscopic entity we abhor so much for changing the world from its previous shape?


I am eternally grateful to you for taking me on a merry-go-round of words without ever reaching anywhere but gives me a feel of constant movement despite its uselessness to the canvas of language and adaptability of literature to be interpreted differently by different readers and evolving mediums across the centuries.


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