Who let them in?

Who let them in?

Kitty's Verses

P.C :- Sean Thomas @ Unsplash

Shhh! It’s your turn now, the skies have turned dark,

The dragons have masked the all glistening Sun,

From a place far away, they’ve come in drones,

Like bees that suck nectar from flowers, they’ve come in drones,

Are those obscure stars peeking, now that skies have turned dark?

In drones from a land sans sunshine, land without mighty Sun,

While the flock fly away, all but one remain, unmasking Sun,

Taking with them secret of Earth with their remote controlled drone,

All this while it was light, they’ve turned the settings to frigid dark.

A red ball of furious Sun, in throes of drone of dark.

Poetry form :- Tritina

More about Tritina :-

The Tritina is a modern form created by cutting down the Sestina. Like a Sestina this form repeats the end words of each stanza. The form is made up of three triplets…

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