The Blue Door

The door was never locked, just pulled tight.

She kept floating in self-doubt, inadequacy and a guilt about not being what others expected her to be. Deep down, she knew the allegations are not true. But there was no way out. There was no way of getting rid of antagonistic shadows.

Today, that one truth hit her like a sun in darkness. She is a victim of mental abuse, not a perpetrator of wrongs.

That one article, that one link to a webinar, and she knew it….

The door was always open. She just has to walk out.

11 thoughts on “The Blue Door

  1. We all learn and grow in our own way, at our own pace. Most often it does require the prompt of an outsider to instigate change, but it’s nigh-on impossible to guess when that prompt would be most deeply received.
    The door may not be locked, but our minds also hold us at bay. Our perspective is powerful and powerfully hard to change. We must move through layers and layers of walls and roadblocks until we encounter the things we never knew that we didn’t know. To take the next step is the most important part of the journey. All the rest falls behind as we move forward. That’s where the focus needs to be.
    Beautiful insight Reena, wonderful writing.


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