Counting steps

August approached in a golden sweltering haze.

It does every year, as Leo season begins, and astrologers start writing rosy forecasts.

In a few days ….life goes back to normal, with all its struggles, joys, sorrows …. as it was before I turned another leaf in the book of Time.

How do we end up at the same spot every twelve months? Is time circular or linear? Or have we made it so with calendars?

If I have to move forward, I need to follow linear or ascending paths, not circular.

I count years, not months and dates that repeat themselves.


5 thoughts on “Counting steps

  1. Calendars and clocks have regimented and standardized our sense of time. We no longer live by the season, or manage our days by sunrise and sunset. Time is circular; each month (or season) so far repeats itself. With strange new ways.
    Counting years makes for a linear path, I think — there are only cycles if you mark it off with preset milestones.

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