“A coaching business thrives because educators failed somewhere,” It seemed a rather rude thing to say at the school reunion, attended by some teachers held in high regard.

He continued nevertheless, “You taught us Literature, Science, Maths and so much more, but nothing about the fundamental tenet of existence – Who am I?”

“Well, have you found out who you are?” A dear, old and frail voice spoke, as she struggled with keeping her balance on the dias.

“I did with the help of a coach and a few therapists before that. I wish I’d found out earlier.”

 A tectonic shift in consciousness was happening for most of us – with thoughts on what are we going to teach future generations.

The prompt is provided by Denise Farley at Six Sentence Stories

20 thoughts on “Tectonic

  1. Teachers are often facing pressures to teach to test. Parents could step up, but I’m venturing good coaches would be a better option. There’s got to be a happy medium. It’s never simple but it’s worth it. Great six! Makes you think.

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  2. Education. Next to our parents, school is the second cornerstone. How vital what goes on there. Educators/teachers imo, are charged with a most vital duty. They often are the first “influencers”. Both good and bad.

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